Mikel Redin Hurtado

Is sugar as sweet to the palate as seeds are appetizing to the belly?

Taste responsiveness to seven sweet-tasting substances in white-faced sakis (Pithecia pithecia)

Would you like any sugar in your coffee? If so, this might be your place.

Hi! My name is Mikel, and I am a Basque environmental biologist passionate about primatological research and the ex-situ and in-situ conservation of primates. I am particularly interested in neotropical primates and their behavior. I have had the opportunity to work in several conservation programs, fieldwork experiences, and research projects including the one I will share with you today about these little sweet guys, the white-faced sakis.

For a year, I have conducted a first assessment of the sweet-taste responsiveness in a frugivorous seed predator, the white-faced sakis, an eclectic species remarkable for its dietary specialization, unique among primates.

Sugar then? YES PLEASE!

Background & Aims