Maria Fornaeus

Effect of long-term audiobook exposure on the behaviors of dogs at a rehoming center

Did you know that dogs, like humans, show different behavioral responses to different types of music? Studies have found that dogs that listen to classical music or soft rock will spend more time sleeping and less time vocalizing, while dogs that listen to heavy metal will bark and shake (no, they’re not rocking out, it’s actually a sign of anxiety).

But what types of behaviors do they display when they listen to audiobooks? If you are curious about this question, feel free to have a look at my page, where you can read more about how I answered the question: how does long-term audiobook exposure influence the behavior of dogs at a rehoming center? This page exists so that I can tell you more about how I went about answering this particular question.

But before that, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Maria, and I became interested in finding ways to improve the welfare of dogs in shelters after volunteering at an animal shelter in California for more than 10 years.

In particular, I wanted to find a way to reduce the stress that dogs may experience in noisy and unpredictable shelters. Thanks to Linköping’s Applied Ethology and Animal Behavior program, I was able to spend time at Hundstallet in Stockholm, where I could follow my pursuit in order to improve the welfare of shelter dogs.

A friendly Rottweiler puppy from Hundstallet