Matilda Jansson

Habitat preferences and population dynamics of the threatened orchid Goodyera repens


My name is Matilda and here you can find information about my masters thesis. I studied the program Ecology and Sustainabla development at Linköpings University. During my studies I have become especially interested in the Swedish forests and the way that the forest is managed. One red-listed species protected by the species protection ordinance is the orchid Goodyera repens. It is both greatly impacted by, and has a big impact on, the forestry. In order to apply the most approporiet management for this species, I aimed to find out more about its population dynamics and what habitat variables impacts both occurrence, colonisation and extinction probablity of the species.

On this page you will find all the information needed to understand what my project was about and what my main results were. I hope you will enjoy reading it!