Hedvika Suchankova

If you are interested in my research thesis titled;

Effects of commercial hatchery processes on the stress susceptibility in domestic chicken (Gallus gallus),

Stay for a while and look around! If you have any more questions later, do not be shy to contact me.

Let’s talk about some commercial pullet production!

Hello everyone, my name is Hedvika Suchankova and I am a Master’s student in Applied Ethology and Animal Biology program at Linköping University. I am here to share some information with you regarding the procedures all commercial laying hens undergo before they grow up.

If you are a welfare enthusiast, I am sure that you have studied egg cartons at a store and tried to choose among the different labels such as “organic”, “free-range”, “cage-free”, and “grass-fed”, and so on. But what if I tell you that all of the hens that laid those eggs came from either one of the two commercial hatcheries in entire Sweden? Are you aware of the processes and their effects on welfare?