Sabine Den Ouden

Sonar-stimulating enrichment for bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in human care

If you are interested in animal welfare, especially in zoos and with marine mammals, then feel free to have a look at my thesis project. A year long, I spent working with bottlenose dolphins, hoping that my results and report can influence their welfare positively.

I am proud of the work I have done and am proud to be sharing this with all of you. You can find short summaries of the chapters fo my thesis by clicking the corresponding menu headers or the buttons at the bottom of each page. If you want to read my whole thesis or view my poster, go to ‘Downloads’. And if you want to come into contact with me, go to ‘Contact Information’ and feel free to send me a message!

Sound of the sonar of the dolphins.
WARNING: The sound can get quite loud so lower your volume.

I did my research at Kolmården Djurpark, and I want to thank them for giving me the oppertunity to do my thesis project at their park.