In total 96 samples were collected, 64 of these successfully underwent the whole process of extraction and RadSeq and were viable to be sent for DNA sequencing. DNA extraction quantity varied between saliva and faecal samples. All 54 faecal samples yielded a DNA concentration sufficient for detection with Qbit testing (minimum of 1 pg/uL)

The Mann Whitney test showed there to be a statistically significant (p-value < 0.001) difference between the amount of DNA extracted from faecal compared to saliva samples.

Based on the indpca results 12 out of the total 15 individuals were sampled successfully. A total of 1108 SNP loci were amplified, of which 8 were polymorphic.

Dna concentrations of fecal and buccal swab samples
Statistical analysis of reads from the 16 succesfull samples
Statistical analysis of mappings and properly paired mappings from the 16 succesfull samples
Indpca graph showing genetic alignment of all successfully mapped individuals

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