During the attentiveness trials, the WL group was most attentive to me, facing the bowl in my hands for significantly longer than the ancestral RJF or HF groups, and standing in close proximity to the bowl for significantly longer than any other group.

Choice task

In the choice task, the WL group was most eager to interact with the bowls overall, approaching the bowls faster than any other breed and staying near the bowls for significantly longer. However, the color of the bowl that they were shown in the attentiveness trial did not appear to influence which color bowl they first approached.

Novel arena

In the novel arena, the ancestral RJF was less active than the WL group, regardless of human presence. The RJF were also less active when I was present in the arena than when they were alone.

During the trials without human presence, all breeds spent the same amount of time in the marked quadrant, implying that I sufficiently escaped detection. However, when I was present in the arena, the HF group spent significantly less time in that quadrant.

Fear response

There was no observable difference in unfreezing behavior following playback for any breed.