Kennel Behaviour

There were no significant differences between the control and the treatment groups in time spent by door, time spent in bed or time spent indoors, nor did any of these variables change significantly across the different periods of the study (Before, During and After audiobook treatment).

The control group were found to have a higher activity level in their kennels for both the “Before” and “During” periods of the experiment (Figure 4).

There were some significant differences in behaviour between the two batches. Batch 1 had a higher activity level than Batch 2 (Figure 5A) and Batch 2 spent more time in bed than Batch 1 did (Figure 5B).

Novel Object Test “Jurassic Bark”

Exposure to audiobook had no significant effect on any of the novel object response behaviours. 

Batch 1 dogs spending more time sniffing the object and with the face pointed towards the novel object than Batch 2 dogs did.